Picture 291Introduction to and understanding of the arts are vital to a young person’s intellectual and emotional development, providing important outlets for self-expression and avenues for increasing self-confidence.  Students from Early Learner through 12th grade are given the opportunity to participate in the fine arts through classroom instruction, extra-curricular clubs and private lessons.

Elementary students participate in weekly instrumental and general music education.  Kindergarten, first and second graders are introduced to music through violin/strings.  As their literacy skills increase, they learn to read music, as well.  Students in 3rd and 4th grades continue music instruction utilizing percussion, recorders and Orff instruments.  The band program begins in third grade.  All fifth grade students are given guitar instruction.   Instruction in visual/ studio art is provided for all students K-5. Voice, piano, strings and private instrument lessons are available to all students.

Middle and high school students are provided elective classes which include chorus, strings, band, visual/studio art and drama as a means to continue fine arts lessons during the academic day.  Students may also participate in extra-curricular fine-arts activities.  Drama club, chorus, band, piano, strings and voice lessons are part of the after school program.